CLM Advisors changes its name to Suite 200 Solutions.

For Immediate Release — CLM Advisors changes its name to Suite 200 Solutions.

We originally created our advisory group in 2011 in response to needs expressed by members of the Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance, the industry’s largest professional trade association for claims and litigation professionals. Members of the CLM told us that they wanted to work with executives with similar experiences to theirs and we built an advisors roster of former chief claims officers, litigation executives, private practice attorneys, sales and branding professionals, and recruiting experts.

Now, seven years later, we find that our clients frequently come from industry trade associations and groups other than the CLM. As such, we concluded that it was time to change our name to reflect that broader industry focus. We are therefore excited to announce our new company name, effective May 1, 2018, of Suite 200 Solutions.

Our advisors remain the same team of fantastically qualified executives. Our client roster remains the same. Our consulting services remain the same. Our relationships and professional networks remain the same. Our close working relationship with our CLM friends and customers remains the same. But our name is new, reflecting an exciting period of growth for our advisory group. We hope you’ll celebrate with us!

About Suite 200 Solutions

Suite 200 Solutions is a team of highly-credentialed executives who offer advisory services to their colleagues in the property and casualty claims and litigation management industries. We provide our services in three segments: advisory and consulting, market intelligence, and talent acquisition. Our clients are primarily claims organizations, law firms, and the service and technology providers that sell to both of those segments. In addition, Suite 200 Solutions offers recruiting services designed to help our clients find the right person for the right role in all of those market segments. More information about Suite 200 Solutions can be found at