Many of our clients know of us as CLM Advisors. We used that name from 2011 to 2018 as part of our very close affiliation with the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (the CLM). The CLM is the industry’s largest trade association, with more than 45,000 community members.

In 2018 we changed our name back to Suite 200 Solutions in recognition of the broader portfolio of work we were doing. When that happened I was immediately asked, “Why Suite 200 Solutions? What’s up with that name?!”

I originally founded the Company many years ago in response to requests for consulting services that were both cost effective and provided by seasoned executives who had faced similar issues in their own career (as opposed to newly-minted MBAs never exposed to business).

It just so happened that when I started the Company we had just completed the addition of a new second story on our home. I thought it would be fun to name the Company “Suite 200 Solutions” in celebration of my moving  my home-office to our new second floor. I envisioned an entire “suite of services coming from Suite 200.”

As clever as this seemed, I quickly learned that our recalcitrant postal delivery carrier refused to deliver any mail to our home with the words “Suite 200” in the address, saying that “we clearly didn’t have a Suite 200” and that we “were a residence, not an office.” So the name proved much more complicated than it was worth.

That said, we’ve since moved to Lake Geneva, WI, where the postal carriers are (slightly) more friendly and most communications in today’s business world are digital in any event. And the name retained sentimental value for me, as it reflected the beginnings of our work with an industry that I enjoy so very much.

So now you know.

Taylor Smith
Suite 200 Solutions