CLM Advisors Launches New Litigation Industry Snapshot About Mediator Effectiveness

Deerfield, Ill — CLM Advisors , which conducts periodic industry snapshots that capture how industry executives feel about different legal cost containment  and effectiveness strategies, announced today that it is currently analyzing the industry’s use of mediators, with a particular emphasis on how claim organizations measure the effectiveness of the mediators being used. The Snapshot is entitled: “Measuring the Effectiveness of Mediators on Litigated Files: Perceptions and Observations of Senior Industry Claims and Litigation Officers.”

This data capture phase of this Snapshot involves a moderately short survey of less than 25 questions. We estimate the survey will take 7-10 minutes. As with all CLM Advisors’ Snapshots, the survey is open to claims and litigation executives who maintain an interest in knowing more about their industry’s current and best practices. Executives who participate will receive a Participants’ Report, which will provide a sense for how their peers feel about the topic at hand. All survey responses are confidential.

Any executive wishing to participate can request an invitation by contacting Taylor Smith, President of CLM Advisors (contact information below).

About CLM Advisors
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#Contact: Taylor Smith | President, CLM Advisors | 224.212.0134 |