We know how challenging it can be for attorneys to be comfortable with their obligation to produce new clients and new revenue for their firms. Accordingly, we have partnered with Fretzin, Inc. and Origination Station — a business that focus on helping attorneys obtain tangible results from their business development efforts.

Fretzin’s work compliments our focus at Suite 200 Solutions perfectly. We can provide important data and information, potential sales targets, education and critical information about value proposition and messaging effectiveness.Fretzin and Origination Station addresses the human side of business generation.

Fretzin improves core business development skills at the attorney level, enabling capabilities that are simply not taught in law school. Their methodology of ‘Sale-Free Selling’ helps firms to develop and maintain successful business development cultures, while their E-Learning platform, Origination Station, provides an interactive and customized approach to business development coaching and training.

As part of our partnership Fretzin will offer preferred pricing to attorneys and firms who are introduced by Suite 200 Solutions. Frequently, firms find that a combination of the skills Fretzin teaches, combined with the data and information we provide, is most effective.

If these resources are of interest to you, please contact us for scheduling, pricing, and details.